Joining info

Please sign up for free, to get the latest updates on how to join the sessions, schedule changes and so on.

Live presentations

Live presentations will take place using the streamyard platform. You will only need a web browser to join, using links sent to you via email ahead of time. Use of the live chat for constructive comments will be very much encouraged, especially asking questions of the presenters.

If you are one of the presenters, you will receive a separate email with important information on how to join.


We anticipate most will not be able to attend all the sessions, and some will not be able to attend any of them, e.g. due to timezones or other commitments. Streams will be available for catch-up after the event, with the opportunity to asks questions and continue discussion on the discord chat.

Discord chat

As an addition to the live stream chat, participants will be able to continue discussion on the algorithmic pattern discord chat. Feel free to join now and introduce yourself!