Day one

  • Salon introduction with chair Alex McLean [watch]
  • Kadi Pajupuu : MultiWeave [read|watch]
  • Mika Satomi : Textile Algorithms [read|watch]
  • Ámbar Tenorio Fornés, Olivia Jack, and Felix Roos : Synthesthesia [read|watch]
  • Session one Q&A [watch]
  • Session two introduction with chair Anuradha Reddy [watch]
  • Julia Vollmer : The Crochet Protocol [read|watch]
  • Bernat Romagosa : Live Coding Physical MIDI Devices Using MicroBlocks [watch]
  • Maria Jose Rios Araya : Digitized surfaces (located skins that dataify: TTT project 2023) [read|watch]
  • Roger Pibernat : Algorithmic Pattern Cartoon 2D Animation [watch]
  • Emma Wood : Velvet Values [read|watch]
  • Session two Q&A [watch]

Day two

  • Session three introduction with chair Anuradha Reddy [watch]
  • Claude Heiland-Allen : Patterns in deep Mandelbrot zooms [read|watch]
  • Thomas Poeser : Agent-Based Rhythm Generation [read|watch]
  • Lina Bautista : The Skeleton Dance [watch]
  • Saachi Kaup and Alex McLean : Tidal Cycles and Mandalas [read|watch]
  • Session three Q&A [watch]
  • Session four introduction with chair Iván Paz [watch]
  • Sandra de Burduccy (a.k.a. Aruma) : Proportions of a luminous cosmos [read|watch]
  • Rocco Lorenzo Modugno and Marco Buiani : Tiling through Typography [read|watch]
  • Monomatic (Nick Rothwell and Lewis Sykes) : PEAL, a Virtual Campanile (2009) [read|watch]
  • Session four Q&A [watch]

Day three

  • Session five introduction with chair Lizzie Wilson [watch]
  • Geraldine Jones with Charlotte Megroureche – Fibonacci growth patterns in basket weave cycloid looping [watch]
  • Anuradha Reddy – Kambi Kolam as Algorithmic Pattern [read|watch]
  • Q&A/discussion [watch]

Day four

  • Session six introduction by chair Laura Devendorf [watch]
  • Ryan Ross Smith : What To Do and When To Do It [read|watch]
  • Ofek Rafaeli and Tamuz Vardi : The math of juggling – comparing Solo and Duo juggling patterns [read|watch]
  • Arthur Kuhn : Guided by the motif, an example of mereological sursumption. [read|watch]
  • Vidya Giri : Prairie Patterns [read|watch]
  • Q&A/discussion [watch]
  • Session seven introduction by chair Lizzie Wilson [watch]
  • Deanna Gelosi : Algorithmic Patterns Through Glitch Weaving [read|watch]
  • Tomas thayer, Mirko Petrovich, and Alejandro Albornoz : RagaLab: an experimental prototype for mathematical exploration and musical modelling of structures based on Indian classical music theory [read|watch]
  • Stuart Smith : An App for Algorithmic Pattern Generation [read|watch]
  • Xavier Gongora : Rhythm: Time and Geometry [read|watch]
  • Q&A/discussion [watch]

Day five

  • Session eight introduction by chair Vernelle A. A. Noel [watch]
  • Shawn Lawson and Ryan Ross Smith : Film Moiré [read|watch]
  • Virginia Melnyk : Parametric Spreading Design for Knitted Floats and Stitch Pattern [read|watch]
  • Charles Deluga : Modular audio processes for vector graphic pattern design [read|watch]
  • Etta Sandry : The dimensionality of cloth [read|watch]
  • Session eight Q&A/discussion [read|watch]
  • Session nine introduction by chair Alex McLean [watch]
  • Abinash Mallick : Beyond the Binary Thresholds [read|watch]
  • Jules Fouchy : Simplifying node-based programming with a functional approach [read|watch]
  • Jessica Stringham : Parameterizing Patterns for Generative Art and Live Coding [read|watch]
  • Sally Kong : Mitos [read|watch]
  • Session nine Q&A/discussion [watch]
  • Renee Jordan and Kofi Oduro : Coils & Curls: A Mathematical Tapestry of Black Hair [read|watch]
  • Closing ceremony (Kofi Oduro on Hydra, Alex McLean on Strudel) [watch]

Written contributions

The following were unfortunately unable to present at the salon, but their written contributions are available below.

  • Sylwia Orynek : Textile notation as systematisation of craft practice. [read]
  • Franz Ferdinand Richter : A Slow Motion Display [read]